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North Dakota

Williams County floods cause street closures



Williston, North Dakota – Most of us spend the whole winter season anticipating rapidly warming temperatures, but city personnel frequently don’t share this sentiment. Some highways in Williams County have flooded as a result of the extreme snow melting, and they are now blocked until further notice.

Due to excessive water, 133rd St. in Williston is blocked between 75th and 76th St., and Pherrin Township is closed at 54th St. NW to 132nd Ave. NW and east 1.5 miles.

County Road 42 was shut down on April 9 by emergency management personnel, however, it has since reopened.

Leaders in emergency management are advising locals to report any flooding to the city right away and to never drive through a flooded roadway.

“Don’t drive through any kind of flood water, even though it may appear to be very shallow,” explained Director of Williams County Emergency Management, Mike Smith. “The way that the water is running right now, it could be undercutting the roadway surface — and it could look like it’s only a few inches deep, but it could be four, six, eight feet deep.”