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North Dakota

House members pass a bill that might forbid children from attending drag shows



Fargo, North Dakota – Legislators in the state passed a proposal to forbid children from attending drag performances.

The House and Senate have already approved House Bill 1333. But on Wednesday, it was brought back to the House floor for revisions.

The law places limitations on “adult-oriented performances.”

This includes any public displays or performances of a sexual nature that may feature full or partial nudity.

“These happen far more than you may think,” Rep. Brandon Prichard said. “I mean, we have one pretty much every other month in Fargo, we have them taking place several times at the hotel here in Bismarck. So, these happen quite frequently in North Dakota, these explicit performances, and children being involved.”

According to the proposed legislation, first-time offenders might be prosecuted with an “A” misdemeanor and repeat offenders with a “C” felony.