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North Dakota2 days ago

North Dakota would need to license larger boats under a proposed law

Bismarck, North Dakota – A resolution to abolish a state statute that forbade big boats, including cabin cruisers, from having...

Local News2 days ago

Lane closures on the Bismarck Expressway begin on Thursday

Bismarck, North Dakota – You might expect a longer journey on some of the Bismarck Expressway to and from work....

Local News4 days ago

Fundraiser held for two Mandan police employees battling cancer

Mandan, North Dakota – A brunch fundraiser for two members of the Mandan Police Department who are battling cancer was...

Local News4 days ago

Fargo’s 32nd Avenue South Reconstruction Project will hold a public information meeting soon

Fargo, North Dakota – You’ll soon have the chance to learn more about a significant project that will be completed...

Local News4 days ago

Brewhalla’s “Food and Entertainment Wonderland” opens to large crowds

Fargo, North Dakota – The “Food and Entertainment Paradise” of the F-M Metro is currently open for business. Brewhalla’s doors...

Local News4 days ago

North Dakota is seeking participants in rural leadership

Bismarck, North Dakota – Do you aspire to have a prominent position in the agricultural industry? If so, it’s time...

North Dakota4 days ago

North Dakota struggles with $61 million in medical debt

North Dakota – The U.S. Department of Health estimates that the country spends $3.5 trillion on healthcare annually. But, you...

Local News6 days ago

Street widening activities to start Sunday, March 19 in residential neighborhoods

Fargo, North Dakota – Crews from Fargo Public Works will clear snow overnight starting on Sunday, March 19 at 11...

Local News6 days ago

Interstates I-29 and I-94 reopened, and traffic warnings are slowly lifting

North Dakota – The I-29 and I-94 have both been reopened by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Certain southern...

North Dakota6 days ago

North Dakota is cheapest state to live in

Fargo, North Dakota – Inflation has been hurting Americans’ wallets the greatest for almost two years. One-third of Americans are...