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Water restrictions issued in Fargo



Fargo, North Dakota – Despite the rain over the weekend, the drought continues to wreak havoc on Fargo’s water supply.

As a result, Moorhead and Dilworth have joined the city in limiting grass watering to one day each week. The move includes stepping up to phase three to a four step scale concerning drought conditions. Water restrictions only enable households to water during garbage collection days.

Reoccurring violators might face a fine of up to $1,000 and the city could turn off your water. If you were wondering how much of an impact this weekend’s rain made, city water officials say not much.

The Red River, which is one of the city’s water sources, rose from 80 cfs to 300 cfs before dropping again, according to city administrator Bruce Grubb. More rain would undoubtedly help, but the city, like West Fargo and Grand Forks, is preparing to get water from Lake Ashtabula.