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North Dakota

Vendors display distinctive handmade goods at Minot’s the Big One Christmas Show



Minot, North Dakota – In Minot, the Big One Christmas performance came to an end.

Several hundred vendors from all around the country flocked to the State Fair Center to display their handmade goods.

That also applies to Mindy Stratton of East Grand Forks, Minnesota-based Hearn Oaks.

They manufacture little tables and chairs with paintings and sports logos for kids as part of their line of furniture.

She said that they like observing the expressions on children’s faces when they attend The Big One every year.

“They can sit on our product, they can sit, with even their parents, cause it’s oak and it’s sturdy. And then just, their faces, you see how they know it’s their size, they know it’s for them, and they absolutely love it,” said Stratton.

The Big One will be at the Bismarck Event Center from November 18–19 if you missed it this past weekend.