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Two classrooms in West Fargo school district quarantined according to Covid-19 thresholds



West Fargo, North Dakota – In the West Fargo school district, a kindergarten classroom at Brooks Harbor Elementary and a third-grade classroom at South Elementary are in quarantine.

The decision was made according to the Covid-19 thresholds previously approved by the school board, where it was determined that a classroom will be quarantined for week and a half if a third positive case is detected in the classroom showing evidence of possible Covid-19 spread among students.

As an additional mitigation strategy, masks are being used in four other classrooms across the district.

The district reported 76 Covid-19 positive students on October 5 throughout the district.

14 classrooms or teams have had to implement additional COVID-19 mitigation strategies since the district adopted the additional thresholds on Sept. 8.