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Traditional Indian dance brought to Fargo by the Odissi Dance Company



Fargo, North Dakota – For the Nach-an Odissi excursion, the Odissi Dance Company journeyed to Fargo alongside other artists.

The American public is educated about the ancient Indian classical dance style of Odissi by the Odissi Dance Company.

Artistic director for Odissi Dance Company, Aparupa Chatterjee said, “Odissi dance company is just a small sheltered version of the dance school here in the US and it is a non profit so we practice Odissi and perform and then teach.”

The troupe that promotes traditional South Asian dance has visited Texas, New York, and Oregon among other states, traveling coast to coast.

“Odissi is one of the Indian classical dances and it is from the eastern part of India from a state called Odisha and Odissi is believed to be one of the oldest dance forms, actually founded before second century BC.” said Chatterjee.

Extraordinary visitors from the Fargo-Moorhead region also took part in the celebrations.

Chatterjee also said, “Basically we are trying to also showcase second generation dancers who are born and brought up here but it’s taking forward the art form which is such a preserved old art form from India.”

Additionally, guest lecturers from Concordia College and Sanford spoke about the Indian dance culture during the occasion.