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The City of Fargo and MinnKota Recycling Partner for ‘Cans to Cartons’ Recycling Challenge



Fargo, North Dakota – The City of Fargo and MinnKota Recycling will collaborate to promote the “Cans to Cartons” Recycling Challenge in November.

MinnKota Recycling will match all aluminum cans collected in November at The City of Fargo’s recycling locations (see list below) by one cent per pound.

The Fargo Public Schools’ Milk and Elementary Snack Program will benefit from the one-cent match’s proceeds. For their midmorning snack, primary school pupils can receive milk thanks to this program.

Sites for collecting aluminum cans are situated at:

• The Coliseum – 807 17th Ave. N.
• McKinley Elementary School – 2930 8th St. N.
• Water Treatment Plant – 1408 River Road S.
• Longfellow Elementary School – 20 29th Ave. N.
• Michelson Field – 901 Oak St. N.
• Lincoln Elementary School – 2120 9th St. S.
• Fargo Park District maintenance building – 4515 University Drive S.
• Centennial Elementary School – 4201 25th St. S.
• Lewis & Clark Elementary School – 1729 16th St. S.
• Osgood Fire Station – 3957 Village Lane

The City of Fargo received $300 in 2022 for the program that provides milk and elementary snacks. 1,500 milk cartons were purchased for children in Fargo Public Schools with the assistance of this donation.