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The West Fargo Fire Department begins its yearly Adopt a Hydrant campaign



West Fargo, North Dakota – The annual Adopt a Hydrant campaign has started with the West Fargo Fire Department.

To help save time and lives, residents are advised to adopt a hydrant before the winter months. Each month, a drawing for a $20 gift card will be held for those who registered using the online tool. Names for family-friendly, clever fire hydrants are encouraged.

“The Adopt a Hydrant program helps our department maintain over 2,000 fire hydrants in West Fargo,” said West Fargo Fire Marshal Dell Sprecher. “Residents who adopt a hydrant commit to shoveling out hydrants following a winter storm, allowing our crews to respond to fires more efficiently.”

Although there is no law forcing homeowners or commercial property owners to remove hydrants, it is vitally crucial to do so in case of an emergency. According to the West Fargo Fire Department, a building can be completely consumed by flames in less than 15 minutes, so having a clear fire hydrant greatly speeds up the department’s reaction time.

Sprecher requests that volunteers remove a 3-foot area around hydrants and make sure that access is possible from the road when doing so. After an average snowfall, according to WFFD, it can take the average person roughly 20 minutes to clear the hydrant using a shovel or brush. Snow-clearing enthusiasts should take frequent rests and refrain from overworking themselves because doing so might result in injuries or even heart attacks.

The program has been reset from prior years, enabling all hydrants to be adopted, to assure correct enrollment. The West Fargo Fire Department website has a link that users can use to access the Adopt a Hydrant tool.