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Cass County Sheriff’s Department to use plow truck to reach people stranded in snowy conditions



Fargo, North Dakota – The county commission recently gave the Cass County Sheriff’s Office permission to utilize a plow vehicle to get to persons trapped in the snow this winter.

“So typically when we have adverse weather we have that (plow truck) out and about and we can use that to help plow our way to some places that we need to get to. Then on the back of that plow truck, we have two snowmobiles. So if we can’t get there with a plow truck, if it gets too bad even for that, then we can deploy on snowmobiles,” said Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner.

Jahner advises all motorists to use roads with heavier traffic volumes and to be sure to always carry an emergency kit in their car.

The sheriff further advises motorists to exercise caution and warn loved ones of their trip plans.