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MSUSM outlines strategy to minimize campus land use and reach carbon neutrality



Fargo, North Dakota – MSUM has unveiled an ambitious goal to become carbon neutral.

“So as we’ve been studying our space utilization on campus we know that we are underutilizing some of our spaces. We also know that with our enrollment trends declining that we don’t require the same amount of spaces we have in the past,” said Brenda Norris, MUSM’s Executive Director of Facilities Management.

Implementing alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, is part of the 20-year plan. and utilizing green energy generated off-campus.

The plan also calls for demolishing specific campus structures and areas that are no longer needed due to dwindling student enrollment and other causes.

According to the plan’s architect, operating expenses would be cut by $6.6 million and campus land area would be decreased by 10%.

“MSUM is having a great opportunity to do something that is actually at the forefront of what’s going on all around the country and globally as well,” said Patrick Thibaudeau.