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Free bus rides in Bis-Man on Election Day



Bismarck, North Dakota – Want a free ride to the polls on Tuesday in Mandan or Bismarck? Take the bus, please.

Anyone planning to cast a ballot in the next elections on Tuesday, November 8, can take the CAT Bus or Paratransit for free, according to Bis-Man Transit.

The community will be able to learn more about Bis-Man transit and take part in local elections by taking advantage of the free rides that will be provided all day to all destinations in the neighborhood.

“Bisman Transit is hoping to encourage individuals to participate in the community and also use the free ride day to learn a little bit more about our service and hopefully encourage some new ridership in public transit,” said Executive Director of Bis-Man Transit, Deidre Hughes.

Anyone in need of a bus can find one on either side of the river.