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State approves $3.4 million for the Lashkowitz building’s destruction in Fargo



Bismarck, North Dakota – The Lashkowitz High Rise in Fargo will be demolished and redeveloped thanks to a $3.4 million grant from North Dakota’s Industrial Commission.

The money comes from the Homes Trust Fund of HUD, which gives money to states for the construction of affordable housing.

Sen. John Hoeven and local politicians toured the high-rise earlier this year while discussing efforts to rehabilitate the area for affordable housing.

The structure is old and asbestos-ridden. It must be removed by the city before the structure is destroyed.

Hoeven has been attempting to obtain money for asbestos mitigation from the EPA.

“This $3.4 million is for the Lashkowitz tower redevelopment which is low-income housing for seniors in downtown Fargo. So a tremendous project all in about $35 million,” said Hoeven.

On the site of the high-rise, 110 affordable housing units will be renovated starting in the spring.