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Officer body camera footage from the July 14th incident in Fargo examined by North Dakota Attorney General Wrigley



Fargo, North Dakota – Drew Wrigley, the attorney general for North Dakota, met with representatives of the neighborhood media on Friday afternoon, to go over video from the body cameras that Fargo police officers wore while responding to the shooting on 25th St. S. on July 14.

The footage that was published contained a lot more information than what has previously been made available to the public.

There were no recording devices permitted during the session for the media.

According to Wrigley, the review was conducted to uphold transparency and provide further context.

The details Wrigley offered and the evidence shown in the video were in line with earlier written and oral statements made by the attorney general and the Fargo Police Department.

Wrigley claimed that the Bureau of Criminal inquiry had finished conducting the interviews for their inquiry, but she was unable to specify a timeframe for when the agency might have finished its work.

The attorney general stated that a portion of the film that has been edited will soon be made available to the public.

He was unable to give a timeframe for when that will happen.