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Native of Fargo passes away during a half-Ironman race



Fargo, North Dakota – A Fargo native lost his life while taking part in a half-Ironman triathlon in Finland.

Cheryl Lucero, age 66, has been identified as the victim. Despite the fact that the cause of her death has not yet been determined, her family believes she had a heart arrest.

Lucero was rescued from the water early in the race, according to representatives of the World Triathlon Corporation. Despite the efforts of medical professionals and first responders, she passed away on the spot.

When she started running in marathons and triathlons at the age of 51, according to Lucero’s son Jaden Minar, she was sometimes the only person in her age group.

“She was just as proud of herself, and we want anyone to know that this meant a lot to her. She died doing what she loved – as cliché as that is,” says Minar.

More than ten years ago, Lucero relocated from Fargo to Texas and participated in competitions all across the world.

When she was 51 years old, Lucero decided to focus on racing in marathons and triathlons, demonstrating that it is never too late to follow your aspirations.

“About twelve years ago when she started doing Zumba, that’s when she went from just an average everyday person to trying to step it up to the next level and next level. She was always proud of the first places and stuff, too. Sometimes, I’d give her a hard time. She was the only one in her age group that was there. So, of course you got first. You’re the only one that finished. But I still was proud of her. I was really happy,” Minar said.

According to Minar, the family has appreciated all of the support from friends and complete strangers.