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North Dakota

North Dakota First Lady aims to help others struggling with addiction through “Recovery Reinvented”



Fargo, North Dakota – First Lady Kathryn Burgum of North Dakota is preparing to host the sixth annual Recovery Reinvented conference.

“You can just never give up hope for recovery. That’s what happened to me. I relapsed for a period of 8 years. I’m so grateful I didn’t give up hope because here I am today to work with other people and try to help,” said Burgum.

This year’s conference will be held in Bismarck for the first time. The conference’s “Advocacy in Action” topic aims to create a venue for learning about cutting-edge approaches to addiction. Burgum is an alcoholic in recovery. She claims that Recovery Reinvented’s objective is to dispel the stigma and humiliation associated with addiction.

“You know I did not reach out for help when I was active in my addiction. I didn’t talk about my recovery for 15 years because of the stigma related to it,” said Burgum.

On Thursday, the free event is held in the Alerus Center. Attendance is available in person or online. To register, click the following link.

Burguam made an appearance on “What’s On Your Mind” by The Flag.