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North Dakota

North Dakota deer gun season starts well



North Dakota – The deer hunters parked their pickups before setting out to try to fill their tags.

The entire state’s deer gun season began today at noon.

The bulk of hunters with tags have been stockpiling their supplies over the last few weeks in order to survive.

It has been a busy week, according to Darryl Howard, owner of HH Gun Shop in Bismarck, and he expects more customers after the first week of hunting season is over.

He claims that clients are entering now to hunt for some last-minute products.

“The majority of the previous week was devoted to searching for ammo. Although the ammo is beginning to be a little more readily available, it is still probably not their favored round, which they have been using for the past ten, twenty, or thirty years. Our customers, who are also our hunters, are essentially stuck with whatever is available on the shelf “Howard remarked.

On Sunday, November 20, the deer gun season will come to an end.