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Near the Canadian border, North Dakota is planning a new state park



Bismarck, North Dakota – To encourage tourism in the state’s northeastern region, North Dakota plans to create a new state park in a beautiful gorge close to the Canadian border.

The Pembina Gorge State campground will be less than one mile from the trailhead of the Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area thanks to $6 million in funding granted by the recently expired Legislature.

The money comes from the state’s Strategic Investment and Improvements Fund, which receives money from oil tax receipts. A federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant also contributes $2 million to the total amount.

There are now 13 state parks in North Dakota. After Cross Ranch in 1989, the new park will be the first.

The gorge, which was carved out by glaciers, is expected to lure Canadian tourists as well as others to the park because of its proximity to Winnipeg, Canada.

The campground will be constructed on former agricultural land at the timberline of the gorge, according to State Parks and Recreation Director Cody Schulz. He expects the park to be finished in two years.

The government paid $302,158 to buy 164.53 acres for the new park in 2017, splitting the cost equally between state and federal funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Additionally, lawmakers granted an additional $10 million to assist in clearing the backlog of repairs needed for roads, structures, and shorelines.