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Kevin Mahoney’s family still looking for answers after three decades



Fargo, North Dakota – A family has been searching for their loved one for almost thirty years.

Kevin Mahoney disappeared on his way to his brother’s apartment in South Moorhead after a party on Oct. 2, 1993. Years later, his family is still looking for answers.

“Every year we try to get out posters and flyers with the news just to remind people he is still missing,” said Kevin’s sister Michelle Elsenpeter.

Kevin’s sister Michelle, her daughter, and Kevin’s niece are all determined to bring their family’s story to a close. They hold up signs with Kevin’s face and information in the hopes of attracting the attention of someone who might know something.

“What if it was your son, or your brother, or your uncle? You would want to know what happened,” said Elsenpete.

The heartbroken sister remembers her brother Kevin and how he lived life to the fullest while he had the chance.

“My brother Kevin was a great guy. He liked doing remodeling, construction, he loved to fish and paint,” said Elsenpeter.

According to the family, no new leads have been found this year as police work to solve the missing people case. They are calling with the community to come forward with any information they may have.

“If you have any little information at all please call the Fargo Police, and you can remain anonymous. We just want answers,” said Elsenpeter.

According to the family, there have been no new leads while authorities seek to solve this missing people case.

Detectives are continuing to investigate leads as they come in. They are asking anyone with information on Mahoney to call the investigations division at 701-241-1405.