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Half of Cass County has received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine



FARGO, N.D. – The first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine has been administered to at least 50% of people living in Cass County, according to Sanford Health.

Vice President Dr. Doug Griffin says the vaccine distribution has been consistent, but he would like to see more people get vaccinated, especially the younger generation. Dr. Griffin says the goal is to get between 80% to 90% of people in Cass County vaccinated.

“Vaccine supply is quite adequate now,” said Dr. Griffin. “There is no need to worry that you are taking the vaccine from somebody else that’s more needy. I think the vaccine has been used long enough. These are safe vaccines, and the better news is that they work, including against the variants.”

Dr. Griffin says he doesn’t know if or when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be used again, but he thinks the next round will come with a warning label for women of a younger age.

Dr. Griffin says the hospital is noticing an uptick with cases and Sanford is ready if there appears to be another surge of the coronavirus.