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Fercho YMCA swimming classes back in town



Fargo, North Dakota – You are all probably considering going to the pool or lake to cool down as the temperature rises. If you can’t swim, don’t panic, the Fercho YMCA is bringing back their swimming classes for everyone to enjoy.

The Fercho YMCA has four to one ratio, which means there are four students to every instructor. These classes focus on safety approaches, small class sizes and increasing your swimming confidence. Lessons begin at ages six months and goes to adulthood.

As you head to the pools and lakes, children should never swim alone. Have an active supervisor who is also known as your water safety buddy to make sure you are safe. Make sure all children are within arms reach of you. Children should only swim in places where a lifeguard is on duty.

Never hold your breath for an extended amount of time while swimming. This causes drowning and has severe physical side effects. Make sure to also wear a life jacket. Inexperienced and non-swimmers should have a coast guard approved jacket. If you accidentally fall in the water, follow these tips.

“If you were to accidentally fall in the lake, floating on your back is always a great option,” said Maxwell Ommen, Lifeguard and Safety Coordinator. “Kick on your back towards the side that you came from.”

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