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Fargo snow removal crews take advantage of weather break to focus on hardpack in residential areas



Fargo, North Dakota – Snow removal companies in Fargo are working to remove any lingering ice and snow from the roads by taking advantage of the somewhat warmer weather.

“You know we apply product best we can and right now what we’re going to do, we’ve been noticing that some of that hard packs been loosening up.

Warmer weather is undoubtedly beneficial to us, according to Paul Feichtner, manager of public works services for the City of Fargo.

According to him, crews are mostly concentrating on residential areas. He is requesting that people park their cars off the street.

According to Feichtner, crews will be working in the communities east of I-29 and south of I-94 on Thursday, January 12.

They will concentrate on the roadways west of I-29 on Friday.