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Fargo man facing child pornography charges



Fargo, North Dakota – In connection with child pornography, Carter Morse was apprehended on Monday and charged with one count of promoting the sexual performance of a minor and one count of possessing illegal materials.

As part of the investigation, the Fargo Police Department examined three files from the instant messaging mobile app Kik that were suspected of displaying sexual actions with three to five-year-old female children. It was reported that Morse uploaded 48 files on Kik between October 17th and October 25th, with some of the files seeming to contain child pornography.

Prior to this, Morse was under investigation for allegedly distributing child pornography on the social media platform Snapchat.

During an interview with the Fargo Police Department, Morse confessed to being the owner of the Kik account and to sharing and receiving child pornography from other Kik users. In addition, according to the investigation, he said that the photographs and videos provided him with sexual satisfaction.

Morse was arrested as a result of his confessions and the information received from Kik. The date for Morse’s court appearance has been scheduled for March 2.