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Discussion in the North Dakota legislature about anti-tracking gun legislation and racist bullying in sports



Bismarck, North Dakota – Senators from North Dakota are pushing legislation that would forbid credit card firms from tracking gun sales.

The law is a response to the anticipated move by three significant credit card firms to use new merchant codes to monitor who purchases firearms and ammo. The procedure for filing reports of alleged infractions and for charging those who break the law is described in full in the bill.

Legislators are thinking of researching spectator behavior at varsity athletic events in the meantime.

A resolution mandating a legislative investigation into how educational administrators, school districts, and athletic regulators may encourage appropriate fan behavior at sporting events has been approved by both houses of the legislature.

The study would include a “clarification of (spectator) expectations and consequences for violating those expectations.”

A law that would penalize anyone who persuades a woman to undergo an abortion against her choice is also being advanced by the State Senate.

According to the new legislation, the crime would be classified as a Class C felony. Threatening to harm a woman or her unborn child is another violation of the proposed law. The law was approved by the Senate with almost a unanimous majority.