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Bismarck opens self-filling sandbag sites



Bismarck, North Dakota – The city of Bismarck has set up two self-filling sandbag stations for people worried about potential flooding outside their homes, which is a definite indication of spring.

The self-filling sandbag locations are in places that also serve as yard trash disposal facilities, and they are open 24 hours a day:

• Near Cottonwood Park (Santa Fe Avenue and South 12th Street yard waste site)
• Country West Road (Southwest of Cody Drive yard waste site)

“Self-filling sandbag sites are being made available to residents to help mitigate the potential impact to property from overland flooding that may occur from rapid snow melt,” said Bismarck Emergency Manager Gary Stockert.

It is emphasized to locals who require sandbags that only sand and bags are available at the site. No shovels or gloves are provided.

Sandbags work best when they are half to two-thirds full and laid flat. When piled, a bag that is too full has openings that allow water to pass through.

Visit for more details on public flood programs and plans.