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Plow drivers work really hard



Bismarck, North Dakota – Due to the late winter storm this week, some North Dakota routes and stretches of the Interstate system were blocked for more than 24 hours.

The governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, said that while he recognizes that some individuals must travel, it’s crucial to do it safely. He claimed that it is a difficult task for plow drivers to clear the 106,000 miles of state, city, and township roads.

People “forget the state’s size,” according to Burgum. “North Dakota is larger than each of the six states of New England. Nearly the same distance is a mile. North Dakota’s size is that.

Burgum advises drivers to exercise patience because 22 crashes involving North Dakota snowplows have already occurred this winter.

Even more drivers, according to Burgum, have avoided colliding with plows only to end up in the ditch.