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Biden’s goal of vaccination rate accomplished, Covid-19 cases surge



In a time of Covid-19 delta variant cases surge, mandatory vaccinations and possible mask rules across the country, health officials announced on Monday that Biden’s goal, which was set on 4th of July, of vaccinating 70% of adults with at least one Covid-19 shot was accomplished.

Although accomplishing Biden’s goal, the other goal of the administration of fully vaccinating 165 million Americans was not reached.

In order to counter one more crisis, many states have reinstated precautions everyone whether vaccinated or not to wear face-coverings all indoor public settings, including colleges and schools. Many companies around U.S are also following this example, requiring workers to wear face masks.

In the United States, new cases per day have surged sixfold in the last month to an average of over 80,000, the highest number since the middle of February. Over the last two weeks, the average number of fatalities each day has risen from 259 to 360.

Health officials noted that more than 85 of hospitalized Covid-19 patients across the country are unvaccinated.