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An CEO in North Dakota’s oil sector labels the study linking flaring to respiratory health problems as “non-scientific.”



Fargo, North Dakota – The head of the North Dakota Petroleum Council disputes a report that claims that gas flaring near oil rigs in western North Dakota is harming the health of nearby residents.

“This is a non-scientific study that does not take into account any of the factors of the regulators of the clean air in North Dakota. the Environmental Protection Agency, and The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality, both are continuously monitoring, and continuously tracking. They are setting the standards for clean air in North Dakota. North Dakota as we know, and specifically these Baaken counties are amongst the cleanest air quality standards in the country,” said Ron Ness.

Ron Ness is referring to the report that was released by the Journal of Economics in April of last year.

Researchers came to the conclusion that natural gas flared at oil wells was to blame for thousands of hospital admissions for respiratory problems.