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Volunteers assist in keeping pets warm



Bismarck, North Dakota – Some volunteers with the Central Dakota Humane Society decided to help their animal companions as a result of the record-breaking cold weather in December.

According to volunteers, stray cats in the Bismarck-Mandan region are particularly at risk during the bitterly cold weather. They are developing transportable cat shelters to aid in their protection. With a tote, a Styrofoam container, and a straw, volunteers claim they are inexpensive to produce and simple to put together. When the weather becomes chilly, they are intended to assist any stray cats in finding temporary refuge.

“There are some cats that are out that are feral cats, that are really hard to trap or to get into an indoor environment. Or if somebody has a farm where they don’t have any buildings where the cats can get in,” said Mandy Schaff, Volunteer Coordinator at Central Dakota Humane Society.

They warn against placing food or blankets inside cat shelters because they could get wet and freeze.

You can speak with CDHS or look up alternative instructions on YouTube for directions on how to construct a shelter similar to this one.