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North Dakota

Woman from Dickinson celebrates her 107th birthday



Dickinson, North Dakota – Birthdays are always worth honoring, but as we age, they take on a unique significance.

One Dickinson woman is celebrating a very significant birthday today.

The 107th birthday of Helma Lein is on March 28, 2023.

She is adamant about keeping her memories of a fulfilling life.

“I was born March 28, 1916,” Lein said.

This is Helma Lein’s life narrative. In her book “Just the ‘Write’ Age,” she has chronicled the most significant events in her life.

“This is my book,” she said as she paged through the book.

At the age of 106, Lein released the book last year. Her daughter had thought of it.

“I wasn’t in favor of it at first but I’m glad now that we did it,” she said.

Lein is taken back to her early years by the words. She is working on new stories. These are going to be travel-related. Travel destinations she and her spouse have visited include Hawaii, Spain, Portugal, and even Africa.

“I’m a writer and I spend more time writing stories and poems,” she said.

She wasn’t always a writer, though.

“I started writing when I was 90,” Lein said.

Since then, she has been busy writing. She is currently enjoying another birthday.

“107!” she exclaimed.

“People are going to want to know, what’s the secret to living such a long life?” asked reporter Jody Kerzman.

“So many people ask me that. I have no answer because it just happens,” said Lein.

In April, Lein intends to spend her birthday with her family.