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North Dakota

First responders in Cass County getting ready for moderate to severe flooding along the Red River



Cass County, North Dakota – Many local experts predict that areas near the Red River and its tributaries will see moderate to severe flooding.

Fargo and Moorhead are affected, as well as cities like Harwood, Kindred, and Davenport. Several local organizations are starting to make plans to assist communities that are likely to experience effects in response to conditional simulation reports released by the National Weather Service showing a high likelihood for moderate to major flooding north of Fargo (90% likelihood), Hillsboro (60% likelihood), and Grand Forks (34% likelihood).

“We really want to make sure that our residents know that they can count on us if they need something and they should certainly call and not hesitate so we can help them in whatever situation they might encounter, “said Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner.

This incident may cause overland flooding in the Red River Valley. Yet, a lot depends on other weather conditions as well as how powerful the spring melt is.

“Just looking at some aerial photos, its almost a three mile wide – ten mile [long] lake that forms, “said Cass County Engineer Jason Benson, speaking on previous flood events that have crested the river in the past, “There is a lot of water. In some cases there is only six inches of water in the field, and in other cases its three, four, five feet of water out in the fields.”

In our area, a number of meetings will be held to get ready for the circumstances that are anticipated in the upcoming months.