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West Fargo is getting a new I-94 exit



West Fargo, North Dakota — At 26th Street West, west of the fairgrounds, there may be a new Interstate 94 exit for the city of West Fargo.

The Sandhills Sixth Addition developer has agreed to sell the city a piece of the development in order to protect the city’s right-of-way should an interchange be constructed. This decision was just unanimously approved by the West Fargo City Commission.

“I think it’s absolutely essential to have this project to improve the connectivity,” Commissioner Mandy George said.

Dan Hanson, the city engineer, said it’s a chance for the staff to consider the future, particularly with regard to the Sandhills properties. He claimed that when the city grows, 26th Street West will be a crucial north-south artery.

Hanson claimed that the developer, who is willing to sell the remaining required property to the city, might give a portion of the 132,000-square-foot parcel.