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The spring and summer calving seasons are gaining popularity among producers of animals



Minot, North Dakota – When it comes to the time of year when calves are born, those who raise livestock have a lot of decisions to make.

According to James Rogers, an expert in forage crops at the North Dakota State University Extension Service, an increasing number of livestock farmers are calving their animals during the months of April and May.

He explained that one of the reasons is that there is a reduced need for the purchase of feed during the warmer seasons due to the availability of pastures.

“The advantages to a May calving date is you’re escaping a lot of the harsher winter conditions to calve in; and for a lot of producers, that’s becoming more and more of an advantage,” said Rogers.

According to Rogers, even though October is the traditional time for weaning, calving in the spring or summer might lessen the amount of work and stress that is required for both people and animals.