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The snowstorm reaction at Bismarck Airport was successful



Bismarck, North Dakota – This weekend, a few snowbirds from North Dakota had the opportunity to go. Thanks to our airports’ 365-day operation.

Our airports just needed one day to transition from canceling flights on Thursday due to the blizzard to flying out passengers on Friday. So, how do they manage to do it?

Teamwork is a key component of our airport procedures, particularly at the airport in Bismarck.

Crews begin using the plows and sweepers at barely a quarter of an inch.

By doing this, the planes are guaranteed a clear runway and tarmac.

“They kept the runway open for the storm. The airlines were the ones who were making the determination based on visibility and their staff being able to get out to the airport canceling flights. Because we maintained the runway throughout the storm, the airlines were able to come in right away,” said Matthew Remynse, the Marketing and Operations Manager at Bismarck Airport.

The airport’s crew, which consists of six maintenance workers, six operations workers, and five building workers, worked round-the-clock to clear the parking lot and maintain the grounds. All that was required was a solid rhythm, which will prepare them for the remainder of the week.

“The rest of the week, we are expecting some spotty snow showers, but nothing that will cause cancellations,” said Remynse.

Beginning on Friday, the day following the blizzard, too, Minot, Williston, and Dickinson Airports followed comparable procedures and got their passengers above the clouds.