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The North Dakota State Fair welcomes back Amish Annie’s Donuts with new varieties



Minot, North Dakota – The North Dakota State Fair is on its second day.

Amish Annie’s Donuts is one of the fantastic vendors serving your sweets.

This is business owner Karen Olson’s fifth year in operation and third at the North Dakota State Fair, according to her. Olson claims that they offer toppings with their glazed doughnuts. The banana split donut is this year’s special, and they also provide a dragonfruit beverage. In the weeks leading up to the fair, according to Olson, anticipation has been growing on social media.

“We start doing our posting and notifying everybody that we’re coming up here, and then announcing some of our items that we’re going to have on the menu and, you know, they’re excited to see us back at the fair, and can’t wait to stop by so we’re excited,” said Olson.

South of the State Fair Center, according to Olson, they are open every day of the fair.

One of the Food Frenzy rivals is Amish Annie’s.