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The Mayor of Beulah is also a narcotics detective for Adams County



Beulah, North Dakota – One man from Beulah is exemplifying what it means to wear many different hats.

In addition to serving as Mayor of Beulah, he is the Chief Deputy of Adams County and works as a Narcotics Detective.

“It’s hard, it’s hard on my family, it’s hard on myself, it’s hard on my kids, but you can’t want to profess to make change and not be willing to take the sacrifice,” said Jeff Gooss, Beulah.

Gooss is well known to the people of Beulah.

After serving in that capacity for a number of years, he was eventually called upon to step down after being elected mayor the previous summer.

While he works with his K-9 partner Athena to combat the drug problem in Adams County, he wants to get infrastructure projects in the city off the ground.

“We notice that the largest majority of our drugs are coming in from the southwest part of the state, and so, if I’m going to attack the problem, I want to go to the source,” said Gooss.

Gooss claims that he uses the vehicle assigned to him as sheriff for his commute, but that he is responsible for paying all costs associated with the vehicle when he is not working in the county.

Gooss expresses gratitude for the support of the community, despite the fact that it feels unreal to wear a number of different hats at once.

According to Gooss, his primary residence is in Beulah, but he also has a home in Adams County for when he has to work late.