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Clay County Sheriff’s Office: Person who had been reported missing found pinned beneath snowmobile



Hawley, North Dakota – It was reported yesterday morning by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office that they located a missing person who was reportedly pinned under their snowmobile.

Early this morning, authorities received a report that a person aged 46 who was last seen in the area of Hawley had gone missing. They say that the person was eventually found using the cell phone location data provided by a member of the family and found pinned under his snowmobile on a rural county trail.

The man reportedly sustained relatively minor injuries, including hypothermia, and was attended to by Hawley’s Emergency Response Team (ERT). According to the deputies, the length of time the person was reportedly pinned under the snowmobile is unknown.

Alcohol is a factor that the Sheriff’s Department is looking into as a possible contributor to the incident.

At this time, the public does not know the identity of the Bloomington man who was involved in the incident.