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The goal of Report All Poachers is to reduce transgressions



Minot, North Dakota – The North Dakota Game and Fish Department wants you to continue keeping an eye out for poachers now that deer season has started.

The Report All Poachers program is an initiative of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, which encourages hunters, fishers, and landowners who observe a violation to report it.

If feasible, those filing a report should include a description of the offender as well as the vehicle’s make, color, license plate number, and state of issuance.

Depending on the crime, the RAP line provides prizes of $100 to $1,000 for information that results in a conviction.

“If people are out this November and see anybody or anything that they think might be a violation of hunting or fishing or trapping laws. They should try and collect as much information as possible, don’t confront the individual or individuals that are there,” said North Dakota Game and Fish Department Chief Game Warden, Scott Winkelman.

Callers can choose to remain anonymous while reporting crimes to game wardens or other law enforcement organizations.