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The Fargo Police Department held their annual community picnic in Broadway Square



Fargo, North Dakota – On Wednesday evening, the Fargo Police Department sponsored their yearly community barbecue at Broadway Square.

Locals from the Fargo-Moorhead region showed up to connect with government workers, take advantage of freebies, giveaways, and even live music.

To foster a sense of community, first responders from the police, fire, and medical departments were out and about interacting with kids and families.

“You know we don’t always get all of those opportunities to interact with people in a non-enforcement type of environment…but this is a really nice event where the only things that are happening out here is community engagement and building relationships. So i think it’s nice to meet our community and community to meet us and see us as the humans in uniform that we are, it’s good stuff” said Chief David Zibolski.

The event was hosted at Broadway Square for the first time, and the attendance was a success.