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Teenager in N. Fargo recovering from heart transplant



Fargo, North Dakota – Late last year, the Scufsa family’s lives were drastically changed when 16-year-old Reese was placed on life support due to an enlarged heart and a blood clot. Thanks to a heart match, Scufsa was given a second chance at life.

“I thought I got food poisoning and then I had to get a heart transplant.” said Scufsa.

“They actually let us listen to his new heartbeat in his room before everyone went home and I was there three in the morning he woke up. Best thing ever to just watch the monitor and just see that new heart beating.” said Denise Scufsa, Reese’s mom.

Scufsa had to be airlifted to Minneapolis, the doctors determined after he was admitted to the hospital.

“Enlarged heart in teenagers is a pretty rare thing. It happens obviously, but it’s pretty rare that we see it.” said Alex Thompson with Sanford Health.

His new heartbeat could be heard by the family, and his mother was present to witness Reese’s awakening. Denise Scufsa declared that she would never forget that her son’s life had been spared by the actions of another family.

“What’s really hard though is trying to grasp that he needs this heart but in order for him to get a heart and to live another family is going to lose a family member. I have to be forever grateful for that family, they made that difficult decision to donate that heart so Reese could live.” said Scufsa.

Doctors claim that Scufsa played soccer this past fall semester despite having a blood clot in his heart, putting him in danger. According to medical experts, it’s crucial to get checked for cardiac problems and disease.

“To see if there is any symptoms or family history. Obviously we want to catch these things sooner than later.” said Thompson.