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Bismarck’s present guard shortage and lifeguard training



Bismarck, North Dakota – This weekend, lifeguard training sessions are being held at the Bismarck Aquatic Center.

Throughout a two-day training session, aspiring lifeguards pick up many valuable skills that will come in handy in their new positions.

“They do a swim test and they go through all the lifesaving procedures. CPR and first aid type of deal. It’s a thorough class,” said Mike Wald, Bismarck Parks, and Recreation District facilities and programs director.

The presence of lifeguards at the pool is crucial since they are always keeping an eye on swimmers in the water and are available to perform lifesaving techniques. But there has been a dearth both nationally and locally. They claim that they anticipate things returning to normal this summer.

“We are seeing a little bit of a lull in lifeguard applications coming in. We would anticipate and hope to get more coming for our summer program,” said Wald.

Visit the Bismarck Aquatic Center website for more details about upcoming lifeguard training courses.

Bismarck’s present guard shortage and lifeguard training