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Students at Dickinson Trinity are going to the National March for Life



Dickinson, North Dakota – Approximately forty Dickinson students are traveling to the nation’s capital to participate in the annual March for Life.

Every year, people gather and march to protest abortion.

Seniors Paula Meyer and Emily Hirschfeld of Trinity High School are eager to return to Washington, D.C. this week as they peruse pictures from their previous visit. These two are among the 37 Dickinson Trinity students who are scheduled to participate in the March for Life on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

“The reason we go is to stand in solidarity with others who are like-minded and believe that life is precious from conception to natural death,” explained Amanda Ellerkamp, a counselor at Trinity and Trip Chaperone.

For Meyer and Hirschfeld, it’s an opportunity to find their voices and make connections with like-minded youth.

“It helped to clarify and put things into perspective,” said Meyer.

“I think people sometimes underestimate teenagers having opinions, but we’re the generation that has seen all the different fights between the two sides,” added Hirschfeld.

And they assert that it is the responsibility of their generation to voice their opinions.

On Friday, January 19, there will be a March for Life on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Along with a group of kids from the diocese’s public schools, students from Bishop Ryan and St. Mary’s Central High School will also be traveling.