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North Dakota

State Auditor: Election System faces ‘low risk’



Bismarck, North Dakota – The North Dakota Auditor’s Office has concluded an audit of the North Dakota Election System and is glad to report that it is extremely well-protected against any potential threats.

The Auditor’s Office evaluation was undertaken by a third-party contractor, Secure Yeti, who has previously worked with the Department of Defense. Secure Yeti interviewed key individuals and stakeholders in the election system and demonstrated the operation of all voting equipment.

Every system has the potential for vulnerabilities, yet many of them are difficult to exploit if properly observed and understood. The assessment of the electoral system revealed six weaknesses, although all of them were rated “low risk.”

To exploit or manipulate the North Dakota elections, never-before-seen exchanges must occur, which is exceedingly difficult with low-risk vulnerabilities. As a result, the Auditor’s Office has determined that fraudulent manipulation of our election system is extremely unlikely.

“We looked at any potential weaknesses in the election system of our state that could be exploited by someone with nefarious intent,” State Auditor Joshua Gallion stated in the post. “The determination after extensive review from our contractor was that our election systems are incredibly secure across our state.”

Visit the website of the Office of the State Auditor for additional information on the auditing process and to keep up with recent audits.