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North Dakota

North Dakota seeing more Respiratory Syncytial Virus cases



North Dakota – RSV-related pediatric hospitalizations are rising in North Dakota.

RSV can affect everyone, according to health professionals, but children and elderly people are more likely to contract it.

Healthcare professionals encounter the RSV virus every year. However, according to medical professionals, cases are showing up a little sooner than typical.

Like many other respiratory infections, RSV can be avoided by regularly washing your hands and avoiding close contact with sick people.

“Hand washing is really important because RSV is spread through respiratory droplets but it could also be through contaminated surfaces,” said Michelle Dethloff, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology director. “So, washing hands and toys, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.”

A runny nose, coughing, sneezing, fever, and wheezing are typical RSV symptoms.