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Standing Rock Community School receives recognition for promoting the hiring of individuals with disabilities



Bismarck, North Dakota – Health and Human Services in North Dakota A nearby school has received recognition from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) for promoting an inclusive workforce by employing, educating, and motivating persons with disabilities to succeed in the profession.

According to North Dakota Health and Human Services, the organization and the State Rehabilitation Council awarded the You Make a Difference Award to Standing Rock Community School in Fort Yates.

The statewide award recognizes one company each year for consistently valuing people’s distinctive talents, giving disabled students the chance to gain work experience, and actively encouraging students to pursue their dreams in a competitive, integrated workplace environment.

Native American students with disabilities were given work experience opportunities at the Standing Rock Community School as well as at nearby businesses, tribal organizations, and other community groups, and for this reason, the school was honored.

One noteworthy employment opportunity is a number of students who work at KLND, a neighborhood radio station for the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Nations. The Warrior Radio Show, which they create biweekly, features pieces that are recorded and used by the station all week long.

The Standing Rock Community School’s transition coordinator, Colette Fleck, is appreciative of the help from the neighborhood.

The VR team at North Dakota Health and Human Services assists individuals with disabilities in locating and keeping meaningful employment or advancing their professions. Additionally, they assist organizations in finding eligible candidates, retaining trained personnel whose skills may have altered, and resolving concerns relating to disabilities.

Free rehabilitation therapy and assistance is offered to eligible people, companies, charitable organizations, and governmental bodies.

Residents of North Dakota must have a disability that prevents them from finding employment, as well as the desire and availability to work, in order to qualify for VR services.

Online at, over the phone at 701-328-8950, toll-free at 800-755-2745, 711 (TTY), or via email at, you may get information on VR services.