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Spring Fling at Harvey Tractor Supply Co.



Harvey, North Dakota – We plant our crops in the spring in anticipation of the harvest, but at this very moment, one city is building the foundation for communal growth by paying tribute to all of our producers, both large and little. On Saturday, the Harvey Tractor Supply Co. organized a gathering to welcome spring and bring the neighborhood together.

“We like to hold these events every year,” said manager Cindy Roerick. “We’ve named this one our Spring Fling. Basically, this is probably the first one we’ve had probably in about three years since COVID hit. It is very important to have these. It is touching out to our community, reaching out to our community, and as you can see, we have great community involvement. It’s showcasing all of the homemade items, the handcrafted items, all their homegrown plants that they do.”

There were a wide variety of merchants offering everything from handcrafted jewelry, to cards, and even freeze-dried snacks. Plants, seedlings, and other items were for sale during the event from L&D Gardens.

“We have a lot of wave petunias, crazytunias, some Calibrachoa, geraniums, we have some hanging baskets, some planters for your patio,” L&D Gardens proprietor David Harness states. “The hanging baskets are pretty nice this year. We also do vegetable plants, tomatoes, few marigolds, bell peppers, and jalapeños.”

Harness stated that he even assisted in setting up and administering the partnership for the first three years.

First-graders from BM Hanson Elementary School attended the occasion as well and displayed the plants they had grown throughout the academic year as part of the partnership’s sixth year, Get Growing with Kids. Every year, a $200 gift card to Tractor Supply Co in Harvey is given to the first-grade class to be used to purchase plant-growing materials and seeds.

“This is when we started day four,” recalls first-grader William Meranda. “It was sunny, and then we saw little green sprouts. And then we didn’t water them that day.”

“My favorite part was the planting and watering,” said fellow first-grader Justice Flood.

“We watched them grow, and when they were watching and planting them,” said student Easton Goodman.

Justice said, “Waiting” when asked what the most difficult aspect of raising these plants was.