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Spraying for noxious weeds to begin in Cass County



Cass County, North Dakota – Spraying for noxious weeds will begin in Cass County.

Spraying for noxious weeds such as Leafy spurge, Canada thistle, Absinth wormwood, and others will continue throughout the summer and into the fall. Some of the herbicides used have a long residual impact and will remain active for months.

Sprayed foliage and manure from animals fed sprayed ditch hay should not be used as compost or fertilizer for gardens or sensitive field crops. The herbicide does not break down either in the animal or in the compost operation and will impact sensitive plants when used as fertilizer. When cleaning up ditch bottoms and restoring soil to croplands, producers should also consider the soil’s residual impacts.

The general public is reminded to be cautious of machinery working on road sides and ditches. Landowners who want to mow their adjoining road ditches must wait several days after spray teams have sprayed in their area. This allows the pesticide to have an effect on the weeds. If spray teams come across a freshly mowed road ditch, the area will not be sprayed but will be targeted for a later application.

Landowners can call the Weed Control Office at (701) 298-2388 to find out if spraying has been completed in their area or to report weed infestations.