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Special education teacher in West Fargo wants to expand her student-run coffee business



West Fargo, North Dakota – A special education teacher at West Fargo High School is attempting to craft a novel lesson for her students.

To aid in the teaching of pupils’ life skills, Holly Friedrich is attempting to create a coffee shop. As part of their math class, those pupils already run a coffee shop for professors once a month, but Friedrich claims that more can be done.

“We have a program that pairs students with and without disabilities to work together and grow friendships. The coffee shop would be another place they can be together and show how awesome it is to be a Packer,” said Friedrich via her GoFundMe page, which is looking to raise $5,000 to expand.

Menu planning, advertising, and drink delivery are all current enterprises. But the students want to make a comprehensive coffee experience out of their academic project. The money would be spent on a cappuccino machine similar to those found in petrol stations as well as a few big coffee urns.

Friedrich thinks that teaching her special education pupils how to run a coffee shop would be the ideal way to teach them both community building and life skills.