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Small businesses benefit from Junkin’ Market Days’ holiday boost



West Fargo, North Dakota – For small company owners, this is a crucial time of year as we approach the holidays. Events like Junkin’ Market Days are essential because they enable these companies to interact directly with consumers.

“We have sold so much Christmas merchandise,” said Chanyce Dahl, owner of Rusty Barn Junque. “People think it’s too early, but people are buying their Christmas merchandise right now for home decor. And then later they’ll think about gift giving. So this is the best time.”

Especially considering the financial strain that recent setbacks like the COVID-19 outbreak and inflation have placed on them. Possessing these chances to interact with their clients brings a crucial personal touch.

“To have an event like this allows us to interact and mingle with people in our community,” said Dahl. “And we have so many repeat customers at Rusty Barn Junque. We just love to get out and see people and enjoy the day.”

On the other hand, the organizers of Junkin Market Days claim that the effects of inflation led to a decrease in the number of merchants. Whatever the situation, the main goal is to provide these small businesses with a much-needed boost as they approach the holidays.

“This is our fifth event in Fargo and we as a company hold about 30 pop-up markets throughout the year,” said This is great to be able to connect the small business owners with the local community. And the local community in Fargo is wonderful about supporting small business.”

The following Junkin’ Market Days in North Dakota will take place in Grand Forks at the end of February.