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Residents of Billings use inventive approaches to view a sold-out air show



Billings, Montana – Due to the fact that the Yellowstone International Air Show was sold out on Saturday, many people in Billings had to look for the ideal location to see the activity. The crowds of enthusiastic spectators filled parking lots and rooftops.

People had to think outside the box to obtain a peek of the courageous pilots.

“Kind of get somewhere up high, and just stay where you can,” said Mark Rubie, a Billings resident searching for a spot, on Saturday. “I don’t know, top of a building or something.”

For Saturday’s Yellowstone International Air Show, tickets rapidly ran out, leaving many people to find their own viewing spots around town.

“I think I might find a spot. Open field or hills. Could even watch them from the dorms realistically,” said Benji Banks, a Montana State University-Billings soccer player from England, on Saturday. “But I do plan on trying to see them as much as I can.”

Anyone attempting to take a glimpse has been reminded by the Billings Police Department (BPD).

“We understand it’s kind of frustrating with traffic right now. As you can see, the roads are backed up. We’re trying to get close to 10-20,000 people into this area at one time between today and tomorrow. So we’re asking that they stay patient,” said Jeff Stovall, a sergeant with BPD, on Saturday. “Just staying vigilant, obeying normal traffic laws. No parking along Highway 3, it’s completely closed there. We understand you want to get as close as you can, but we’re just asking you to stay patient and go to a safe area.”

It’s a means to ensure everyone’s security while lowering the danger of accidents, which have risen this week.

“We’ve had a few folks that were distracted by the Blue Angels, or whoever it is flying around here and doing the amazing things they do,” Stovall said. “There’s been stuff over social media that people have offered allowing people to park there. I know some businesses are doing that as well. It’s a great opportunity for them, those that couldn’t get tickets to the show, for them to still be able to partake in it as well.”

It’s an opportunity to view the sights in safety.

“As long as you can kind of stay out of the main traffic and stay a little bit out of the trees,” Rubie said. “Just try to stay safe everybody and view where you can.”